Iswahjudi’s Air Force base

How to base the Iswahjudi (Directions to Iswahjudi Air Force Base)

Navigation info (Navigational info):

  • Coordinates/coordinate: 7 ° 36 ‘ 32.10 “S 111 ° 26 ‘ 23.41” E
  • Address/Address: Jl. Raya Maospati, Ke. Maospati, Kab. Magetan, Prop. East Java
  • Nearest airport/Nearest airport: Adisumarmo Airport (Boyolali)
  • Nearest passenger port/nearest passenger port: Gresik Port
  • Nearest station/nearest railway station: West station
  • Closest bus terminal/Nearest bus terminal: Maospati Terminal
  • Exit toll/Nearest toll exit: Ngawi (Kertosono toll Road)
  • Website:-

Iswahjudi’s air FORCE base was a military airfield located in the Maospati Magetan number. The exact location is located at Jalan Raya Maospati, Maospati District, Magetan District, East Java province.

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AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City Cakung

How to AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City Cakung (Directions to AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City Cakung)

Navigation info (Navigational info):

  • Coordinates/coordinate: 6 ° 10 ' 20 "S 106 ° 57 ' 8" E
  • Address/Address: Jl. Jakarta Garden City, Kel. The east, Kec. Cakung, East Jakarta, Prop. Jakarta
  • Nearest airport/Nearest airport: Halim Perdanakusumah Airport
  • Nearest port/Nearest port: Port of Tanjung Priok
  • Nearest station/nearest railway station: Klender Baru Station
  • Nearest terminal/Nearest bus terminal: Pulo Gebang Terminal
  • Exit the nearest toll/nearest toll exit: North Cakung Exit (JORR toll Road)
  • Website: AEON Mall JGC

AEON Mall Jakarta Garden City Cakung is a modern shopping center located in the numbers of Cakung East Jakarta. The exact location is located at Jalan Jakarta Garden City, East Cakung village, Cakung District, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta province.

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